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Education and solutions To increase unemployment

By:Bustamin B


Departed from Gramscitheory that explained that hegemony is a process control classdominant to low class, and lower classes gotten immersed or melt into theideas and a middle class dominant class (intellectual property rightsbourgeois) more active or more dominant support is actively hegemony rulingclass. Here a mastery done not by the use of force, except through the consentof the people who be used. These forms consent of thepeople on society values dominant done with self-control critical ability, basemind, and the ability affective community through a consensus that leadpeople's awareness of social problems to in the pattern framework that wasdetermined bureaucracy. Here seen that there is a business to menaturalkan ashape and meaning group that came to power. Thus the dominant control mechanismcan be described as follows:

"Classdominant do self-control to the class under using ideology. Class Society dominantengineer community awareness class under so without realizing it, they arewilling to support and power class dominant. For example in state situation,the effort class dominant (government) to engineer awareness class under(people) is to involve the intellectuals in government bureaucracies andintervention through educational institutions and art". that ''a potentially process in which classdominant not only regulate but also directing people through forcing"leadership" moral and intellectual property rights. Hegemony tookplace in a society where there are high consensus, with a social stability ofwhich low-class with active support and receive the values, ideas, purpose andmeaning culture that binds and integrate them on the existing power structures." (AntonioGramscy: 1926)

Control over publicawareness that termanifestasi education mechanism in a country has been carriedout since a long time ago , since the siding with the ideologycapitalism, the hegemony, has been increasingly shows penguasaannya tool asideology (education), started basic education to higher education. but, I ammore interested in discussing education has to that in the recent years thegovernment with the spirit running education theory has to what we have heardthat in Indonesia, namely Education Vocational School (SMK) thatwere made as best solution to peretasan number of jobless claims that each ofhis increased.  

 GovernmentVocational High School Solution a Decorator Unemployment?  

Vocational School (SMK) oroften called with the coolness of education has to orientation in market demandindustries that require labor experts, in fact in the development of educationhas to is referring to one of the trigger education vocasi Father of Vocational Education in the UnitedStates an intellectual from the country United States  Charles Allen Prosser in Vocational Education in Democracy (1949)that includes 16 point principles or character education that has to bedone by the government and tried bunk this (Read: Vocational Education Technology,  by reducing generaleducation and increasing vocational school (SMK) under the pretext unemploymentupper secondary education because of lack of skill and graduates Not Howappropriate market needs industries with high school graduates with skills andhigh unemployment increased. The reason this may be some people think that iscommon sense as a reason . However, we must also see that the lack ofemployment and education system which is run is not enough, especiallywith the mechanisms education that does not create workers experts both increating a tool that is a need from the society and of course according tothe pattern Of the whole production community. government neolib willnever run it.

Departed from the reason thegovernment said that as well as unemployment because education system that isnot in line with market industry, it's the minister educational and culturalfocused on vocational high school in order to meet the need for market industry(labor).  However, data from the year2013 the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) released number of unemployment inAugust 2013 as much as 7.39 million people. Around 11.19 percent of the totalor around 814 thousand people, is a graduate student of Vocational School(SMK).  While the second most wasgraduated High School (SMA) with 9.74 percent of the total unemployment.Unemployment rate of graduates from this will continue to increase that August2012, compared to 9.6 percent. The unemployment rate is most graduates fromJunior high school (SMP) of 7.6 percent, a Diploma I/II/III with 6.01 percentand the university of 5.5 percent. At the lowest level was 3.51 percent primaryeducation to below. "For "indonesia is now vocational high schoolgraduate, the number of jobless claims more and more is the better". ( )

From a series policy thatwas issued by the government, in a decorator unemployment is not importantthings that become the need of labor market, more and more an unencryptedunemployment, the more exploitation of his labor. Thus, the concept a decoratorunemployment is impossible to be with the system shore up his country's job andthe target was difficult to access work. The government through the educationand culture and targeted the ratio education and vocational secondary educationand public relation to 70:30, 70 percent vocational high school students and 30percent until the end of 2014. But, the target are not met up to limit theappointed time and then decreased to 60:40 until 2014 but, the target is noachieved until the year 2014 is now. How to education and a preservedunemployment this?

APreserved Education and unemployment

See vocational education nowis the same things to repeat his history dutch indian government 1870 whenissued a policy politics etisnya (political vengeance outstanding) (Read: History Education said), oneof the policy is Education thatleads to the formation of skill on workers, who have not yet been accomplishedrunning its production machine dutch government at the time. So, if we arelooking back to the education now and then run by the government formationof skill to be ready to work, ready to take machine, to know business world andothers who are prepared for the industry. Mental Health education, weare working with diperuntuhkan for disaster preparedness system konpetisi. Thatis, unemployment will keep on preserved as the stock workers who are readyto work at any time and energy time needed the entrepreneurs. 

The growing unemploymentwill be more chance wages dismissing workers for the. With the logic politicaland economic capitalism like these are then fully supported by our governmentand the whole party political elites. So it is not surprising then when manycases of the massive layoff occurs, wages a cheap, because the government hasfacilitated the entrepreneurs are youth unemployment. If he would continue tobe left to the slavery big will happen in our country itself.

-      MulyoPrabowo,2013, "Marxism Education" State University Yokyakarta

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